Raychem Temperature Maintenance Solutions

Internal bathroom with cross-section showing pipes where HWAT cable may be installed.

Raychem hot water temperature maintenance systems offer comfort and an intelligent way to supply instant hot water at the tap.

Providing the comfort of instant hot water is the key requirement of any modern hot water system. The Raychem single-pipe system keeps water at the right temperature in a building’s water distribution pipe network. The intelligent system first keeps the investment cost low and then it operates economically and efficiently.

Engineered for direct application on hot water pipes, the Raychem system does not require return pipes, valves or pumps. The intelligence of the system resides in the self-regulating cables and the Raychem HWAT-ECO control unit.

Why install a hot water maintenance system?

  • Long, complex pipe networks are energy inefficient.
  • Waiting for water from the tap at the desired temperature level wastes a lot of valuable water.
  • Legionella prevention and decontamination in long and ramified pipe systems are much harder to execute.

Reasons to Install a Raychem System

Single-pipe system for easy design and faster installation

Raychem HWAT heating cable is simply fixed on the supply pipe - no need for return pipe work, valves or pumps, or for complex design and balancing work associated with return systems. This results in lower installation cost, less pipe system maintenance work and a flexible heating cable installation due to the smart Rayclic connection system.

A hygienic system

Less water volume and less heat loss in the pipe work assure for less bacteriological problems.

A flexible and space-saving system

The space requirement for pipes has been reduced because there are no return pipes. Risers, shafts and openings can be minimised freeing space for other services.

Lower power consumption

The heat loss in the system is lower as only the heat loss from the feed pipe (and not from the return pipe) is to be compensated for. There is also no power requirement for circulation pumps. The single-pipe system can be used with a smaller boiler and as there is no cold return water coming in to the boiler, the heat-up of the water is more efficient.

The HWAT-ECO control unit limits the heat output of the self regulating heating cables according to the specific requirements of the hot water system. It combines clock time functions with the boiler thermostat in order to ensure that the system is used solely for temperature maintenance. This avoids superfluous heat production and minimises energy consumption. The implementation of a HWAT-ECO controlled system saves up to 50% energy.

No maintenance costs

The system has no mechanical parts such as a recirculation pump or control valves. There are no parts to wear out.

The Technology

Raychem self-regulating systems offer the most flexible approach for heat-tracing design. Cable can be cut to length on site for the most complex installations.

System features include:

  • Selectable temperature levels: Maintain or Economy temperature
  • Thermal Legionella prevention programmes
  • BMS compatible
  • Control units can be put in a network for fast programming
  • Nine building-specific programs
  • Alarm relay for remote monitoring