Raychem IceStop System

A U-shaped gutter with GM-2X cable running through and down a drain pipe.

Frost Protection & Snow Melting for Gutters, Roofs and Downpipes

In freezing conditions, thermal insulation alone cannot fully protect pipes from freezing. Melting and refreezing of ice can damage roofs and gutters. Ice dams can prevent further water from draining, resulting in serious damage (water infiltration). The Raychem frost protection system prevents fluids in plastic and metal pipes from freezing. It also eliminates the danger of ice dams in gutters, or icicle formation.

Raychem self regulating snow melting systems thaw snow and ice, providing a path for meltwater to drain safely off the roof, along the gutter and down the drain pipe.

Raychem systems are suitable for all types of building including residential and commercial, public and historical buildings.

The system can be used for:

  • Gutters
  • Drain pipes
  • Critical roof edges
  • Syphonic roof drainage systems on flat roofs

How does the snow melting system work?

Sensors detect both low temperature and humidity. The control unit switches the system on. The self regulating heating cable will start melting snow and create a flow path in the gutter or on the roof. It then assures the continuous flow of water into the drain and avoids ice or snow build-up or icicle formation. When the temperature rises above the set point or moisture is lower than the set-point, the system switches off.

Reasons to choose a Raychem system

Safe and practical to install

Raychem self regulating roof de-icing cable has a UV resistant, modified polyolefin outer jacket that ensures a long life - even when exposed to all weather conditions. Simple to install roof heat tape is also available for de-icing roofs. Cable and tape can be cut-to-length and closely spaced in gutters without risk of overheating or burn-outs.

Economical to operate

Raychem systems only switch on when the sensors of the EMDR-10 control unit detect low temperature and moisture, reducing energy usage and costs. When there is no moisture, there is no snow. The heating cable is deactivated when air temperature is very low (no melting) or when it rises above the set value, or when there is no moisture.

Intelligent self regulating heating cables save energy

Conventional cable provides a constant power, irrespective of temperature. Self regulating heating cable automatically increases heat output in icy water and decreases heat output in dry air.

Cut installation time with fast connection systems

Making power or T connections is easy. The RayClic connection system cuts installation time by 80%—simply inserting the stripped cable into the module and tightening two screws is all it takes.