Raychem Elexant 450c Controller

Raychem Part Number: 1244-021970

Raychem Elexant 450c controller face on.

The Raychem Elexant 450c is a next generation controller capable of controlling dual independent trace heating systems (for example pipe freeze protection and grease line maintenance). The controller has multiple integrated sensing modes (line and/or PASC ambient sensing) and remote alarm capability.

An optional separate power bank allows the Elexant 450c to be programmed before a site is connected to the main grid, allowing a contractor to program the controller whilst doing the install and not needing a return visit once the site goes live.

  • Intuitive set-up and programming of the unit with a 4.3” colour touch screen
  • Flexible temperature control of pipe freeze protection and grease line maintenance systems
  • Controls 2 independent heating circuits
  • Line sensing and/or ambient sensing
  • Proportional Ambient Sensing Control (PASC) algorithm for enhanced energy savings in ambient sensing mode
  • Alarm relay with change over contact to signal power, temperature or communication problems
  • Pipe temperature monitoring with high and low temperature alarm
  • Offsite configurable means it can be set up prior to final installation
  • The Elexant 450c is compatible with XL-Trace, FS-C10-2X and Frostop Black cables in non-hazardous locations.

Raychem Elexant 450c Modbus Controller

Raychem Part Number: 1244-022623

This version of the Elexant includes flexible Modbus connectivity for remote monitoring, configuration and ease of integration into a Building Management System (BMS).

SM-PT100-2 Sensor Module

Raychem Part Number: 1244-022442

Plug-in sensor module to allow connection of PT-100 style sensors, allowing the Elexant 450c to be used as a replacement for previous controllers without having to re-install sensors.

Product Specifications

Supply voltage 230 VAC -15/+10%; 50 Hz
Power consumption 4 VA
Output relay / contactor / heating cable 2 x 4 A / 230 VAC
Alarm relay Single pole double throw relay voltage-free rating 2A/250 VAC
Real time clock Automatic summer/winter time and leap year connection
Clock back up 10 days
Clock accuracy +/- 10 minutes per year
Keylock Password protection for parameter settings
USB Port For preset-up in power off mode and firmware upgrade
Settings All settings are stored in a non-volatile memory
Exposure temperature +0°C to +40°C
Selectable temperature range 0°C to 85°C

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