Raychem WINTERGARD-MAT Constant Wattage Cable Mat

Raychem WINTERGARD-MAT constant wattage cable mat rolled up and attached to a power lead, coloured blue, next to the box packaging it comes in.

The nVent RAYCHEM WINTERGARD-MAT is a constant output heating mat for simple, fast and effective ramp and accessway heating to prevent snow and ice formation. The roll-out mat configuration allows fast installation whilst ensuring the required power output is installed.

The pre-terminated WINTERGARD-MAT comes complete with a 5 m cold lead, removing the need for on-site termination activities. Simply install the heater over the required area and connect the cold lead to the power junction box and control unit.

The WINTERGARD-MAT is particularly suited to track heating of ramps, and driveways, but also emergency escape routes and pedestrian walkways.

Product Specifications

Nominal Power Output 300W/m²
Nominal Voltage 230 Vac
Maximum Exposure Temperature (powered) 65°C
Circuit Breaker required Type C RCD: 30mA
Certification CE, UKCA, EAC
Available Products
Product CodeDimensionsPower Output (Watts)Raychem Part Number
WINTERGARD-MAT-230V-2M 2m x 0.6m (1.2m²)3601244-022751
WINTERGARD-MAT-230V-3M 3m x 0.6m (1.8m²)5401244-022752
WINTERGARD-MAT-230V-4M 4m x 0.6m (2.4m²)7201244-022753
WINTERGARD-MAT-230V-5M 5m x 0.6m (3.0m²)9001244-022754
WINTERGARD-MAT-230V-7M 7m x 0.6m (4.2m²)12601244-022755
WINTERGARD-MAT-230V-10M 10m x 0.6m (6.0m²)18001244-022756
WINTERGARD-MAT-230V-13M 13m x 0.6m (7.8m²)23401244-022757
WINTERGARD-MAT-230V-16M 16m x 0.6m (9.6m²)28801244-022758
WINTERGARD-MAT-230V-21M 21m x 0.6m (12.6m²)37801244-022759

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