Raychem AT-TS-14 Controller

Raychem Part Number: 648945-000

AT-TS-13 with mounting rail, sensor and fixings unpacked ready for installation.

Raychem’s AT-TS-14 thermostat provides line-sensing temperature control for frost protection cable.

The temperature set point can be checked through a window in the front face.

LED’s provide an indication when cables are energised or when the temperature sensor detects a fault (sensor break or sensor short-circuit).

If you require connection to a BMS, you will require a RAYSTAT V5.


  • Adjustable temperature range of 0°C to 120°C
  • Temperature maintenance on pipelines for fatty waste water
  • Line-sensing control thermostat

(Image shown is for the AT-TS-13)

Product Specifications

Supply voltage 230VAC + 10% 50/60Hz
Maximum switching current 16A 250VAC
Maximum conductor size 2.5mm
Switching differential 0.6K to 1K
Switching accuracy ±2K at 60°C (calibration point)
Switch type SPST (normally open)
Adjustable temperature range 0°C to +120°C
Exposure temperature -20°C to +50°C
Ingress protection IP65
Entries 1 x M20 for supply cable; 1 x M25 for heating element; 1 x M16 for the sensor
Material ABS

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