Miscellaneous Accessories

Insulation Entry Kits

Raychem Part Number: 938947-000

Insulation entry kits are designed to protect power cables and Raychem heating cables when passing through thermal insulation cladding on pipes, tanks or vessels.

These kits provides strain relief and environmental sealing. The IEK-25-04 is approved for use in hazardous areas.

Product CodeDecriptionRaychem Part Number
IEK-20-M M20 Gland; for HWAT or FS-x-2X; cladding mounted, only for non-hazardous use1244-000965
IEK-25-04 M25 Gland; for parallel heaters or power cables (8-17mm); cladding mounted332523-000
Insulation entry kit comprising of gland and nut and metal plate with pre-drilled connection points.


Raychem Part Number: 1244-020365

Optional self-contained powerbank allowing the programming of the Raystat V5 before it is wired up to the mains electricity.

Warning Label

Raychem Part Number: 938947-000

Warning labels indicate the presence of electrical heat-tracing under the insulation of the pipe or other equipment. Labels should be spaced at no less than 5 metres apart on the insulation surface.

Yellow warning label indicated the danger of electric cable being used.
Representative image of warning label