Raychem Specialist Tooling


Raychem Part Number: 1244-002282

The CDE-IR-Temp is a non-contact infrared thermometer.

Simply aim at the target and press the ‘SCAN’ button to display the surface temperature.

Product Specifications

Measurement Range -33°C to +220°C (-27.4 to +428°F)
Operating Range -10°C to +50°C (14 to +122°F)
Resolution (-9.9~199.9°C) 0.1°C or °F (switchable), otherwise 1°C/1°F
Response Time 1 second
Accuracy (Tobj=15~35°C, Tamb=25°C) ±0.6°C (1.1°F)
Accuracy (Tamb=23±3°C) ±2% of reading or 2°C (4°F) whichever is greater
Power Supply CR2032 x 1pcs
Display LCD
Dimensions 18 x 37 x 68mm
Weight 32 grams (inc. battery)


Raychem Part Number: P000001126

The STRIPPING-TOOL-SR-CABLE is designed for use with Raychem BTV-CR, BTV-CT, QTVR-CT, XTV-CT, KTV-CT, HWAT, XL-Trace, IceStop and RaySol self-regulating heat tracing cables. The tool is designed for faster, safer and more reliable cable terminations.

The tool has two sets of blades designed for precise scoring of the outer and inner jackets of the cables mentioned above. The scoring blades are protected by a spring-loaded cap that rotates automatically. For safety, the cap rotates back to its original position automatically after the cutting operation is performed.

The tool also includes a unique core scoring feature that prevents damage to the conductors. The tool has a robust metallic body, ergonomic contour and replaceable blades

Raychem stripping tool for self-regulating cable.


Raychem Part Number: 805965-000

Crimping tool for terminals in VIA-CE1 connection and end seal kits.

Ratchet style crimping tool with green handles for Raychem crimp terminals in cold connection and end seal kits.