Raychem XL-Trace LSZH self-regulating heating cables

Frozen pipes can be a costly problem. When pipes are exposed to sub-zero temperatures they can burst, leading to considerable damage and disruption. The Raychem frost protection system for pipes provides an efficient solution. The self-regulating heating cable, combined with an adequate insulation, prevents water pipes, fire mains, sprinkler systems and fuel oil lines from freezing. In addition it can stop grease waste lines from clogging up.

All types of XL-Trace cable coiled and stacked together.

The Raychem XL-Trace range provide energy efficient solutions for pipe freeze protection and flow maintenance in grease waste lines. It is available in a variety of power outputs all with a LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) jacket. This ensures it is the safest solution for modern building design.

Easy to Install

The heating cable is simply fixed onto the pipe—under the thermal insulation. Connections are quickly made with the fast RayClic system.

Unparalleled building safety

  • Up to 90% less smoke emissions. Tested and compliant with IEC61034-2
  • Zero halogen: IEC60754-1 tested and compliant
  • Improved self-extinguishing properties under the IEC62395 flammability test
  • Energy efficient
  • Self-regulating technology: The heat output automatically adjusts depending on the local temperature at every point along its length
  • Major energy savings when used with the Raychem “PASC” ambient sensing controller when compared with typical ambient control devices.