is operated and owned by KSM Limited, incorporated in 1991 as a trade only distributor of cables, connectors and accessories to a wide range of industries including the electrical, data networking, audio visual, security, telecommunications and home automation sectors.

We offer a huge range of cables from many manufacturers, and for heat tracing systems KSM supplies what many consider to be the premier solution available on today’s market. The Raychem range of intelligent self-regulating trace heating cables manufactured by nVent (formerly known as Tyco Thermal Controls), is the world leader in trace heating systems. Offering up to 25 years system warranty, their quality of products and technical knowledge is second-to-none.

As an accredited distribution partner of Raychem, our design experts specialise in the planning and supply of trace heating systems, tackling domestic frost protection services up to large scale development projects in hospitals and hotels. We also offer installation services through Raychem’s Service Partner Scheme, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction from design to commission.