Raychem XL-Trace Contractor Installation Packs

Raychem XL-Trace in an installer box.

The nVent Raychem contractor installation packs comprise a fixed length of heating cable supplied in an easy-to-use and carry spool box. The spool allows the the cable to be fed out to the required length easily, reducing installation time and effort.

See the individual XL-Trace pages for the full specifications on the cable.

  • Unparalleled safety, low smoke zero halogen construction: up to 90% less smoke emissions and improved self-extinguishing properties
  • Zero halogen: IEC60754-1 tested and compliant
  • Improved self-extinguishing properties under the IEC62395 flammability test
  • Energy efficient: self-regulating cable, major savings when used with proportional ambient sensing controller (PASC), no cable overheating possible
  • Self-regulating technology: cut-to-length on site to mitigate any design variations
  • Quick and easy installation with the RayClic fast connection system

For more details on each variation, please see the corresponding page.

Product CodeHeating Cable Length (m)Power (W/m)Max Continuous Exp. Temp. (°C)Raychem Part Number
XL-Trace-InstallerPack-10XL-30m 3010651244-021262
XL-Trace-InstallerPack-10XL-50m 5010651244-021263
XL-Trace-InstallerPack-10XL-80m 8010651244-021264
XL-Trace-InstallerPack-15XL-50m 5015651244-021265
XL-Trace-InstallerPack-15XL-80m 8015651244-021266
XL-Trace-InstallerPack-26XL-50m 5026651244-021267
XL-Trace-InstallerPack-26XL-80m 8026651244-021268
XL-Trace-InstallerPack-31XL-50m 5031851244-021269
XL-Trace-InstallerPack-31XL-80m 8031851244-021270

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