Raychem FS-C10-2X Self Regulating Cable

Raychem Part Number: P000000732-000

Raychem Wintergard FS-C10-2X self-regulating cable coiled, magenta in colour.

Self-regulating frost protection cable 10W/m at 5°C.

This cable is ideal for longer circuit applications and central heating pipework up to a maximum operating temperature of 90°C.

Suitable for any pipe material (copper, threaded pipes, stainless steel pipes, plastic pipes and composite metal pipes) without restriction by using the appropriate fixing tape to attach the cable to the pipework.

Connection of cable is through the use of heat shrink tubing kits in conjunction with the JB16-02.

Being self-regulating, it will not overheat where cable may need to cross-over itself.

Product Specifications

Nominal power output 10W/m at 5°C
Maximum exposure temperature 90°C
Maximum circuit length 180m (20A)


  • 1.4mm² copper conductor
  • Self-regulating heating element
  • Modified polyolefin insulation
  • Protective tinned copper braid
  • Modified polyolefin protective outer jacket

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