Raychem VIA-DU-20 Control Unit

Raychem Part Number: 599514-000
Image of VIA-DU-20 Control Unit with sensors

The VIA-DU-20 is a CE certified, electronic control device designed to regulate Raychem ramp heating systems in garage driveways, staircases, inclines etc.

The buried heating cable is controlled by sensing both ground temperature and moisture. The heater operates only when the temperature falls below the set value and there is moisture.

Use of this controller results in significant energy savings if compared to other devices that regulate according to temperature only.

Control unit with combined moisture and temperature sensor and optional ambient temperature sensor.

  • Compatible with all EM snow melting systems
  • With temperature and ice/snow sensor
  • Optional ambient sensor
  • DIN-rail mounting
  • Sensor cable length: 15m
  • Freezing rain precaution
  • Optional BMS connection
  • Alarm relay contacts
Operating Voltage230Vac ±10%, 50/60Hz.
Power Consumption14VA Max.
Main Relay (Heating)4A 250Vac, SPST, Voltfree
Alarm Relay 2A 250Vac, SPDT, Voltfree
Accuracy ±1K
MountingDin Rail
IP ClassificationIP20
Temperature Resistance0°C to 50°C.
Setpoint temperature1°C to 6°C (settable)
Moisture settings1 (low moisture) to 10 (high moisture)
Post-heating on time settings+30 minutes to +120 minutes
Non-volatile memory (Power failure)Yes. Parameters remain saved.