HWAT Technology

Raychem Temperature Maintenance Systems

Domestic Hot Water Temperature Maintenance

Providing the comfort of instant hot water is the key requirement of any modern hot water system. The Raychem single-pipe system keeps water at the right temperature in a building’s water distribution pipe work. The intelligent system first keeps the investment cost low and then it operates economically and efficiently.


Grease-line Flow Maintenance System

Greasy waste lines are pipes used for the disposal of waste oils and fats from kitchens and catering facilities. Thermal insulation of the pipes is often insufficient to keep greasy water free flowing in the lines in many cases. The Raychem electric heat-tracing system provides flow-maintenance for greasy waste lines for both above-ground and buried piping.

Grease Line Self-regulating, cut-to-length on site, for commercial and domestic applications.

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