Raychem Spare Sensors


Part Number: 133571-000

Spare temperature sensor for AT-TS-13 and AT-TS-14.

Image of HARD-69 Sensor


Part Number: 099768-000

Spare temperature sensor for HWAT-ECO controller.

This product has been discontinued but we have limited stock available. Please call on 0115 968 3544 or email estimating@traceheating-cables.co.uk for availability.



Part Number: 1244-015847

Spare temperature sensor for T-55, HWAT-ECO V5, Raystat V5 or Elexant 450c controllers.

Image of SENSOR-NTC-10M
Type NTC 2K (2 wires)
Probe dimensions Diameter 5mm, length 20mm
Cable length 10m
Cable diameter 4mm
Temperature Resistance 0°C to +70°C
Accuracy ±1K


Part Number: 213430-000

Spare temperature sensor for RAYSTAT-CONTROL-10 and RAYSTAT-CONTROL-11-DIN.

Image of HARD-78 Sensor


Part Number: 651224-000

Spare temperature sensor for RAYSTAT-ECO-10.

Image of HARD-79 Sensor


Part Number: 1244-022441

A sensor module to connect optional PT-100 (up to +180°C) sensor to the Raystat V5. Allows replacement of older controls without replacing sensors.

Raychem SM-PT100-1 sensor module for Raystat V5


Part Number: 145806-000

Spare moisture sensor for EMDR-10.

Image of HARD-45 Sensor
Type PTC
Power consumption 9 W to 18 W
Ambient Temperature Range -30°C to +65°C continuous
Supply Voltage 230 VAC, ±10%, 50Hz
Connection cable 3 x 1.5mm² 4m, cable can be extended to max 100m at 3x1.5mm²


Part Number: 034898-000

Ground temperature and moisture sensor for the VIA-DU-20

Image of VIA-DU-S20 Sensor
Voltage 8Vdc (Via the VIA-DU-20)
Sensor Type PTC
IP Classification IP65
Cable length 15m, extendable to 50m (5 x 1.5mm²)
Temperature Resistance -30°C to +80°C


Part Number: 130616-000

Ambient sensor for the VIA-DU-20

Image of VIA-DU-A10 Sensor
Sensor Type PTC
IP Classification IP54
Terminals 1.5mm² to 2.5mm²
Sensor cable 2 x 1.5mm², Max 100m (Cable not included.)
Temperature Resistance -30°C to +80°C


Part Number: 1244-016964

Ground sensor for detection of temperature and moisture with 10 metres of cable.

Install where the snow and ice problems typically occur. The sensor is mounted on a hard foundation, in a concrete base, with the top of the sensor flush with the surface. Where an asphalt surface is used, it should be placed in a concrete recess. The sensor cable must be mounted in accordance with local regulations, and the use of cable conduit is recommended.

Image of RAYSTAT-M2-G-SENSOR Sensor
Detection Moisture and temperature
Mounting Outdoor area
IP Classification IP68
Cold lead cable 10 metres, extendable to 200 metres
Ambient temperature -50/+70°C
Dimensions H32mm, Ø60mm


Part Number: 1244-016965

Gutter sensor for detection of moisture with 10 metres of cable.

Install in the gutter or drain pipe on the sunny side of the building. The contact point of the sensor must be placed in the direction of flow of the melting water.

Image of RAYSTAT-M2-R-SENSOR Sensor
Detection Moisture only
Mounting Roof, gutter or drainpipe
IP Classification IP68
Cold lead cable 10 metres, extendable to 200 metres
Ambient temperature -50/+70°C
Dimensions 105 x 30 x 13mm


Part Number: 1244-016963

Ambient temperature sensor for RAYSTAT-M2.

Install under the roof eaves on the north side of the building.

Image of RAYSTAT-M2-A-SENSOR Sensor
Detection Temperature only
Mounting External wall mounting
Ambient temperature -50/+70°C
Dimensions 86 x 45 x 35mm


Part Number: 1244-017965

Spare ambient temperature sensor for GM-TA thermostat.

Image of GM-TA-AS Sensor
Type Sensor type 202AT ±1% NTC 2KOhm@25°C
IP Rating IP65
Enclosure Dimensions Width: 50mm; Depth: 26mm; Length: 52mm
Cable Diameter 4mm
Exposure temperature -30°C to +40°C
Accuracy +/- 1K