Raychem SBS-xx-SV Control Panels

SBS-xx-SV Control Panel Image

The SBS-xx-SV control panel for pipe frost protection systems provides a totally integrated solution for the control of Raychem self-regulating heating cables for frost protection applications.

The control panel comprises a line sensing thermostatic control system or ambient sensing control with proportional ambient sensing control (PASC).

The SBS-xx-SV panels can switch 3-12 circuits of frost protection heating cables with up to 4 control and sensor inputs.

The panel also includes electrical circuit protection devices (C-type circuit breakers) and residual current devices for safety and peace of mind. The panels need only be connected to the 400VAC (Three Phase) supply. Complete panel wiring information and schematics are provided with the product.

An installation slot is provided for a SBS-MONT-RAYSTAT-CONTROL-11-DIN, SBS-MONT-RAYSTAT-CONTROL-10 and/or SBS-MONT-RAYSTAT-ECO-10 thermostat, each serving 3 heating circuits. Factory fitted.


  • EN60204-1 and EN60439-1 compliant multi-circuit control panels
  • All trace heating circuit protection built-in; no need for additional heater circuit protection devices.
  • Customer selectable ambient, line-sensing, and/or PASC control devices built-in.
  • Robust metal enclosure (RAL7035 – light Grey) housing with IP54 rating.

The SBS-xx-SV has been made obsolete. This page has been left up currently for historical reasons.


Product Description Raychem Part Number
SBS-03-SV Control Panel for 1 to 3 heating circuits 355825-000
SBS-06-SV Control Panel for 4 to 6 heating circuits 778308-000
SBS-09-SV Control Panel for 7 to 9 heating circuits 767989-000
SBS-12-SV Control Panel for 10 to 12 heating circuits 1244-000025
Control Type Customer can specify a control method per 3 circuits.
  • *SBS-MONT-AT-TS-13 (Ambient Sensing control)
  • *SBS-MONT-AT-TS-14 (Line sensing control)
  • *SBS-MONT-RayStat-ECO-10 ambient sensing (with PASC).
  • *SBS-MONT-RayStat-CONTROL-10 Line sensing.
  • *SBS-MONT-RayStat-CONTROL-11-DIN Line sensing with digital display
Supply Voltage 400Vac/230Vac 50/60Hz.
Sensor Type Ambient or Line sensing
Approval CE (Approved to IEC 60204-1 and IEC60439-1).
Heater circuit breaker size 16A.
Selector Switch Auto/Manual
  • Auto = Controller in standard on mode.
  • Manual = Override of control. All heating circuits powered on.
Installation location Indoor (IP54)

* The prefix SBS-MONT indicates that the control device will be pre-mounted in the panel prior to shipment.