Raychem SBS-xx-EV-10 control panel for Gutters, Roofs & Downpipes

SBS-xx-EV-10 Control Panel Image

Raychem SBS-xx-EV-10 panels provide multi-circuit control for GM-2X and GM-2XT roof and gutter snow melting and de-icing systems.

The control panel includes the multi-sensor controller EMDR-10, that switches all heating circuits only when needed. Depending on a combination of ambient temperature and moisture detection, the trace heating system is switched on ensuring optimum energy efficiency and performance.


  • Energy Efficiency through multi-sensor (temperature and moisture) controller input
  • All trace heating circuit protection built-in; no need for additional heater circuit protection devices.
  • EN60204-1 and EN60439-1 compliant multi-circuit control panels
  • Robust metal enclosure (RAL7035 – light Grey) housing with IP54 rating.
  • Energy efficient multi-circuit control for Raychem GM-2X and GM-2XT self regulating trace heating cables.


Product Name Number of circuits Raychem Part Number
SBS-03-EV-10 Up to 3 circuits 295014-000
SBS-06-EV-10 Up to 6 circuits 458484-000
SBS-09-EV-10 Up to 9 circuits 206336-000
SBS-12-EV-10 Up to 12 circuits 282458-000
Control Type Raychem EMDR-10
Incoming Supply Voltage 400 Vac (3 Phase)
Heater circuit supply voltage 230Vac 50/60Hz
Sensor Type Ambient temperature and moisture sensors
Approval CE (Approved to IEC61439).
Installation location Indoors