Raychem SBS-xx-CM-20 Control Panel

Image of SBS-xx-CM-20 Control Panel

The SBS-XX-CM-20 control panel for ice and snow prevention systems provides a totally integrated electrical safety, connection and control solution for Raychem EM2-CM constant wattage heating mats for surface snow melting applications.

The control panel comprises the VIA-DU-20 multi-sensor control unit for energy efficient ground surface heating and integrated electrical safety devices.

The SBS-xx-CM-20 panels can switch up to 18 maximum circuits of EM2-CM mats. The panel also includes electrical circuit protection devices (C-type circuit breakers) and residual current devices for safety and peace of mind. The panels need only be connected to the 400Vac (3 phase) supply.


  • Energy Efficiency through multi-sensor (temperature and moisture) controller input
  • All trace heating circuit protection built-in; no need for additional heater circuit protection devices.
  • EN60204-1 and EN60439-1 compliant multi-circuit control panels
  • Robust metal enclosure (RAL7035 – light Grey) housing with IP54 rating.

Available Products

Product NameNumber of circuitsRaychem Part Number
SBS-03-CM-20Up to 3 circuits1244-006430
SBS-06-CM-20Up to 6 circuits1244-006431
SBS-09-CM-20Up to 9 circuits1244-006432
SBS-12-CM-20Up to 12 circuits1244-006433
SBS-15-CM-20Up to 15 circuits1244-008212
SBS-18-CM-20Up to 18 circuits1244-008213
Control TypeRaychem VIA-DU-20
Supply Voltage400 Vac / 230 Vac 50/60Hz
Sensor TypeGround temperature and integrated moisture sensor Ambient temperature sensor (Optional)
ApprovalCE (Approved to IEC 60204-1 and IEC60439-1).
Installation locationIndoors (IP 54)