Raychem SBS-R-HWAT Control Panel

Image of SBS-R-HWAT Control Panel

The Raychem SBS-R-HWAT control panel for hot water temperature maintenance systems provides an integrated solution for the control of Raychem self-regulating heating cables for single pipe hot water temperature maintenance applications.

The control panel comprises the energy efficient HWAT-ECO control system with standard, economy, and “Tap time” set-back functions. The control panel also includes monitoring of the boiler output temperature and low temperature alarm in the event of low boiler output temperature. A BMS connection is also provided to allow controller override switching between maintain mode, setback mode, or legionella prevention mode (when using HWAT-R heating cable only).

The SBS-R-HWAT panels are available in 1 and 3 circuit switching versions. The panel also includes electrical circuit protection devices (C-type circuit breakers and RCD protection) for safety, peace of mind and electrical regulation compliance.

Available Products

Product NameDescriptionRaychem Part Number
SBS-R-HWAT-1x20AHWAT Control panel for 1 circuit of HWAT self-regulating heating cable1244-016639
SBS-R-HWAT-3x20AHWAT Control panel for up to 3 circuits of HWAT self-regulating heating cable1244-016640
Control TypeRaychem HWAT-ECO, pre-installed and electrically connected
Protection ClassIP66
Installation locationIndoor
Ambient Temperatures+5°C to +35°C
Panel MaterialMetal Enclosure
Panel ApprovalCE (Approved to IEC 61439-1)
Power Supply230Vac 50Hz, or 400V/230Vac 50Hz, 3L/N/PE (depending on panel selected).
Main Switch40A
Line Circuit Breakers20A (Type C) per heating circuit