Raychem RAYSTAT-ECO-10 Thermostat

Raychem part number: 145232-000
Image of RAYSTAT-ECO-10

The RAYSTAT-ECO-10 temperature controller is designed to control heating cables used for frost protection applications. Using a proprietary algorithm, the RAYSTAT-ECO-10 controller measures ambient temperature and determines the appropriate cycle time during which the heating cables will be energised.

Since ambient temperatures in winter are often below freezing point, but well above the minimum designed ambient temperature, significant energy savings are realised. Parameters are displayed and can be set easily.

The controller includes a 25A relay which allows direct switching of the heating circuit. The enclosure can easily be installed outdoors and includes a Pt 100 sensor for determining the ambient temperature in the installed area.

The RAYSTAT-ECO-10 controller is designed to provide trouble-free, long term operation. In addition to the display the controller includes an alarm relay that switches either upon low supply voltage, upon output fault or upon RTD failure thus allowing remote indication of system status.

Image of RAYSTAT-ECO-10
Supply voltage230VAC ±10%, 50/60Hz
Internal power consumption≤ 14 VA
Ingress ProtectionIP65
Entries2 x M25; 1 x M20; 1 x M16. Direct entry of heating cable into unit with M25 connection kit.
Gland plug1 x M20
Maintain temperature set point0°C to +30°C (heating 0% powered)
Minimum ambient temperature-30°C tp 0°C (heating 100% powered)
Temperature sensor type3-wire PT100 according to IEC Class B
MaterialGrey polycarbonate base; Transparent lid