Raychem RAYSTAT-CONTROL-11 Thermostat

Raychem part number: 1244-006265


The RAYSTAT-CONTROL-11-DIN is an electronic line sensing temperature controller for heating applications with additional alarm relay for rail mounting.

The thermostat is used to control self-regulating heating cable circuits directly or through a suitable contactor. Direct switching of heating cables FS-A-2X, FS-B-2X and FS-C-2X is possible for heating loads up to 16A.

The RAYSTAT-CONTROL-11-DIN thermostat is supplied with a PT100 sensor. This sensor has a 3 metre long silicone extension cable giving freedom to locate the electronics remote from the sensor.


  • Energy savings by Line-sensing thermostat with alarm relay
  • Digital display of temperature and alarm information
  • DIN rail/Panel mountable control