Raychem GM-TA Thermostat

Raychem part number: 1244-017783

Image of GM-TA ambient sensing thermostat

The Raychem GM-TA provides economical control of ice and snow melting applications in small sized areas. With focus on minimizing power consumption, ease of installation and use, the Raychem GM-TA keeps your roof & gutters free of ice and snow.

The GM-TA can be installed both indoors, and outdoors using the optional GM-TA-OUTDOOR-BOX.

It is compatible with Raychem self-regulating cable:


  • Economical control of ice and snow melting for roof or gutter applications
  • Detection of ambient temperature
  • Electronic on/off control up to 30 m gutter length
  • Easy to install-DIN rail mounted in panel
  • Double temperature set points for extra energy savings
  • Adjustable post heating time for higher safety
Supply Voltage 230V AC, +10%/-10%, 50Hz
Relay output heating cable 230V AC, max 16A
Power consumption max. 5 VA
Terminal size 2.5mm²
Ambient temperature range operation -25°C to 40°C
Accuracy ±1.5K including temperature probe