Raychem FroStop-Black Self Regulating Cable

Raychem part number: 559303-000

Image of FroStop-Black

Raychem's FroStop-Black is a self-regulating frost protection cable rated at 18W/m at 5°C.

It is suitable for freeze protection of cold water pipes, drains, sprinkler systems as well as snow melting of roofs and gutters.

Connection of the cable is using heat shrink kits.

  • Self-regulating - will not overheat where cable may need to cross-over itself
Nominal power output18W/m at 5°C
Maximum exposure temperature65°C
Maximum circuit length80m (16A)

Cable Construction

1.2mm² copper conductor
Self-regulating heating element
Modified polyolefin insulation
Protective tinned copper braid
Modified polyolefin protective outer jacket