Raychem Flexiclic Modular System

Combining self-regulating heating technology with innovative interconnection delivers the fastest possible frost protection of pipes.

Please note that these products have now been discontinued by the manufacturer and we no longer have stock. This page has been left for informational purposes only.

Increased Reliability

The heating and power cable connections are factory-terminated and checked for additional reliability and peace of mind.

Faster Installation

The FlexiClic system has been designed for easy and fast installation. Simply install the heating cable and "click" the modules together, potentially reducing installation times by more than 50%.

Flexible Design

A FlexiClic system can be easily extended and configured to match the layout of pipes or gutters. The system includes the modular FlexiClic-CE that when combined, provides 3, 4 and 5 way connections.

FlexiClic Components

FlexiClic Power cable

FlexiClic Power Cable

The FlexiClic power cable contains 3 x 2.5mm² conductors with a maximum capacity of 20 Amps. It includes an end seal.

ProductLength (Metres)Raychem Part Number

FlexiClic FP heating unit

FlexiClic FP Heating Cable

A modular heating cable for pipe frost protection. The maximum circuit length is 100m (16A circuit breaker).

ProductLength (Metres)Raychem Part Number


Raychem part number: 1244-005741

FlexiClic Power Connection

Connection module including 2 end seals. Comprises of 1 input from a power cable or heating cable with up to 3 heating cable outputs. It can be connected to another connection module to give up to 5 outputs.


Raychem part number: 1244-005742

FlexiClic End Seal

Multi-functional end seal for heating modules and connector units. Provides circuit termination and ingress protection seal to both heating modules and connector unit.

Nominal power10 W/m @ 5°C
Voltage230 Vac
Maximum exposure temperature65°C
Cable dimensions12.7 mm x 5.3 mm
Module dimensions25 mm diameter
Circuit breaker requiredtype C
RCD30 mA
Heating cable constructionTwin conductor self-regulating core, with full braid for electrical and mechanical protection and polymer outer jacket (PVC free)
Ingress protection ratingIP66/68 1m H2O - 12 weeks
Maximum circuit length100 m