Diagram of use for ACS-30 controller

ACS-30 Multi-Application Controller

Total control & monitoring for a building's heat tracing systems

The ACS-30 is a multi-application centralised control & monitoring system with distributed control panels preconfigured for all commercial & residential building heating applications.

  • Hot water temperature maintenance
  • Pipe frost protection
  • Greasy waste and fuel flow maintenance
  • Freezer frost heave prevention
  • Floor heating
  • Roof & gutter de-icing
  • Surface snow melting

The ACS-30 features a centralised User Interface Terminal (UIT), which interfaces with up to 52 power & control modules (PCMs) distributed throughout the building at the required locations. The UIT features a touch-screen display and provides intuitive application based control. All heating cable circuits are controlled & monitored from the UIT providing status updates for up to 260 heating circuits.

The ACS-30 Control & Monitoring System offers significant benefits

Energy Savings

  • 24/7 time-clock control & schedulers
  • Energy monitoring of individual circuits displayed both real time and cumulative kWH
  • Proportional Ambient Sensing Control (PASC)
  • Hot water maintenance control with economy set back & line temperature monitoring function
  • System switching via multi-sensor control devices for ambient and surface temperature as well as moisture sensors

Built-in Safety

  • Integrated electrical and circuit protection in accordance with European electrical norms
  • Automated self-test feature to ensure all circuits are functional, even when not in use
  • Local and remote alarm outputs
  • Distributed control panels contain circuit control logic in the event of network communication failure
  • Loss of power indication and alarm
  • Low/high temperature alarm
  • Earth leakage monitoring, circuit by circuit, with alarm function.


  • Link the heating cable system to the BMS for load shredding, weather control integration, HVAC management and fire control systems
  • ModBus RTU protocol can be programmed directly into BMS
  • ProtoNode pre-programmed multi-protocol gateways are available for translating to BacNet, MetaSys N2 and Lon-Works systems.

Distributed Control

  • Power control panels placed at convenient power positions throughout the building
  • Avoid expensive power distribution wiring
  • Expandable to meet building modification requirements or new system installations within a building
  • Single user-interface terminatal to monitor all of the heating circuits with data logging

Application-based distributed control system

The ACS-30 employs a modular design philosophy, allowing flexible system design, installation and future development within buildings. The distributed power & control modules (PCMs) allow convenient installation at the heating application.

The PCMs can be used for multiple heating applications, so dedicated independent controllers are not required. For more sophisticated and cost effective temperature control, sensors may be shared between similiar heating cable circuits. The power control modules are connected back to the user interface terminal (UIT) with RS-485 cable for localised programming and alarms.

The UIT may then be connected directly into the BMS for further control and energy management. ACS-30 is the total solution for complete heat tracing control within a building or group of buildings.


ProductDescriptionRaychem Part Number
ACS-30-EU-UIT2User Interface module.1244-012864
ACS-30-EU-EMDR-10-MODGutter & Roof snow melting sensor module.1244-012865
ACS-30-EU-VIA-DU-20-MODSnow melting and surface de-icing sensor module.1244-012866
ACS-30-EU-Moni-RMM2-ERemote monitoring module.1244-012867
ACS-30-EU-PCM2-5-20APower Control Module (5 circuit module with 20Amp electrical protection per circuit)1244-012868
ACS-30-EU-PCM2-10-20APower Control Module (10 circuit module with 20Amp electrical protection per circuit)1244-012869
ACS-30-EU-PCM2-15-20APower Control Module (15 circuit module with 20Amp electrical protection per circuit)1244-012870
ACS-30-EU-PCM2-5-32APower Control Module (5 circuit module with 32Amp electrical protection per circuit)1244-012871
ACS-30-EU-PCM2-10-32APower Control Module (10 circuit module with 32Amp electrical protection per circuit)1244-012872
ACS-30-EU-PCM2-15-32APower Control Module (15 circuit module with 32Amp electrical protection per circuit)1244-012873