Raychem Wintergard System

Frozen pipes can be a costly problem. When pipes are exposed to sub-zero temperatures they can burst, leading to considerable damage and disruption. The Raychem frost protection system for pipes provides an efficient solution. The self-regulating heating cable, combined with an adequate insulation, prevents water pipes, fire mains, sprinkler systems and fuel oil lines from freezing.

Easy to Install

The heating cable is simply fixed onto the pipe - under the thermal insulation. Connections are quickly made with the fast RayClic system.

Durable and Reliable

The cable's large copper conductors make it a reliable solution and its specially formulated outer jacket protects it from severe environmental conditions.

Low Power Consumption

The RAYSTAT-ECO control unit calculates a duty-cycle proportional to the expected minimum temperature. Where a simple ambient thermostat would energise the heating cable for 100%, the "smart" controller would energise for a fraction of the time, resulting in significant extra savings.

The Wintergard Range