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As the world leader in heat-tracing systems, Pentair Thermal Management has the system that you need from pipe-freezing prevention or maintaining fluid temperatures, to melting snow and heating floors.

For commercial or residential applications, new construction or renovation, these smart solutions will perform perfectly for greater comfort and safety.

SBS-xx-HV-ECO-10 Control Panel

Image of SBS-xx-HV-ECO-10 Control Panel

The SBS-XX-HV-ECO-10 control panel for hot water temperature maintenance systems provides a totally integrated solution for the control of Raychem self-regulating heating cables for single pipe hot water temperature maintenance applications.

The control panel comprises the energy efficient HWAT-ECO control system with integrated standard, economy, and “Tap time” set-back timer functions.

The control panel also includes monitoring of the boiler output temperature and low temperature alarm in the event of low boiler output temperature.

A BMS connection is also provided to allow controller override switching between maintain mode, setback mode, or legionella prevention mode (when using HWAT-R heating cable only).

The SBS-xx-HV-ECO-10 also includes an integrated time shift logic module for phased switch-on of all circuits to prevent in-rush surges when the circuits are activated.

The SBS-xx-HV-ECO-10 panels switches up to 9 circuits of HWAT-M or HWAT-R self regulating heating cable. The panel also includes electrical circuit protection devices (C-type circuit breakers and RCD protection) for safety and peace of mind. The panels need only be connected to the 400Vac (3 phase) supply.

Product NameRaychem Part NumberDescription
Up to 3 circuit control panel for HWAT system
Up to 6 circuit control panel for HWAT system
Up to 9 circuit control panel for HWAT system