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As the world leader in heat-tracing systems, Pentair Thermal Management has the system that you need from pipe-freezing prevention or maintaining fluid temperatures, to melting snow and heating floors.

For commercial or residential applications, new construction or renovation, these smart solutions will perform perfectly for greater comfort and safety.

Raychem SBS-xx-CW-40 Control Panel

Image of SBS-xx-CW-40

The SBS-XX-CW-40 control panel for ice and snow prevention systems provides a totally integrated electrical safety, connection and control solution for Raychem EM4-CW constant wattage heating cables for surface snow melting applications.

The control panel comprises the VIA-DU-20 multi-sensor control unit for energy efficient ground surface heating, and integrated electrical safety devices.

The SBS-xx-CW-40 panels can switch up to 18 maximum circuits of EM4-CW cables. The panel also includes electrical circuit protection devices (C-type circuit breakers) and residual current devices for safety and peace of mind. The panels need only be connected to the 400Vac (3 phase) supply.

Technical Specification

  • Control Type: Raychem VIA-DU-20
  • Supply Voltage: 400 Vac / 230 Vac 50/60Hz
  • Sensor Type: Ground temperature and integrated moisture sensor Ambient temperature sensor (Optional)
  • Approval: CE (Approved to IEC 60204-1 and IEC60439-1).
  • Installation location: Indoors
  • Ingress protection: IP54

Product Specifications

Product NameNumber of circuitsRaychem Part Number
SBS-03-CW-40Up to 3 circuits
SBS-06-CW-40Up to 6 circuits
SBS-09-CW-40Up to 9 circuits
SBS-12-CW-40Up to 12 circuits
SBS-15-CW-40Up to 15 circuits
SBS-18-CW-40Up to 18 circuits