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Smart heat for comfort and safety

As the world leader in heat-tracing systems, Pentair Thermal Management has the system that you need from pipe-freezing prevention or maintaining fluid temperatures, to melting snow and heating floors.

For commercial or residential applications, new construction or renovation, these smart solutions will perform perfectly for greater comfort and safety.

Raychem EM2-XR Self Regulating Cable

Raychem part number: 449561-000
Image of EM2-XR

Self-regulating trace heating cable for ramp heating and surface snow melting

EM2-XR is a rugged and robust self-regulating heating cable for simple, fast, and effective ramp heating to prevent snow and ice formation.

The self regulating EM2-XR cable automatically adjusts its power output in accordance with ambient conditions; more power is produced in harsh freezing conditions and less power in marginal freezing conditions.

It can be cut to length onsite providing complete flexibility in installation. It can also be provided as a configured heating unit to meet your specific design requirements, including pre-installed terminations and power cable (length variable upon request.)

Key benefits:

  • Easy to install : cut-to-length cable
  • Safe: no overheating possible, even when crossed or closely spaced.
  • Robust cable is resistant to damage during installation.
  • Maintenance-free: no moving parts.
  • Also available in pre-configured heating units with pre-installed connection cable, splice and seal

This system increases in energy efficiency in combination with VIA-DU-20 controls, SBS-xx-VV-20 multi-circuit panels, or ACS-30 control and monitoring system.

Technical Specification

  • Nominal Power: 90W/m @ 0°C
  • Voltage: 230 Vac
  • Maximum Exposure Temperature: 100°C
  • Minimum Install Temperature: -20°C
  • Circuit Breaker required: Type C (Max. 50A.)
  • Certification: CE, VDE